Friday, August 22, 2014


...beat you to a seizure!

Props to Rizky Rosianto for the hook up all the way from Indo!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


...of giant turkey legs but when it's deep fried and wrapped in bacon, well, I had to get one at the OC Fair.

We devoured it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


I have a friend named Pepe. He's pretty funny and I like to keep a log of all the funny things he says and does. Enjoy.


Some years ago Pepe was building an old bike, which actually turned out really, really nice. Its been his magnum opus. He was very careful about it, wanting to get all the right parts.

And wanting to do it just perfect, he drove us a little nuts. I'm not sure who got the most of it but if it wasn't me, I must have been runner up. "Dude, I scored this speedo and dash for nothing from this guy and its so rare, soo RARE!" and "these are the most perfect tanks I ever SEEN! pssht, the dude practically GAAAAVE them to me!" 

Pepe called me a thousand times and asked me tens of thousands of questions. One day I offered to get him the above book, which I had been using as a reference guide for quite some time. 50 bucks and I could have Pepe off my back and he could become a student of Bruce Palmer's bible...

Me: I'm going to get you this book

Pepe: I don't want it 

Me: Why not? 

Pepe: don't buy it, I don't want it

Me: it's pretty much got all the answers I give you anyway

Pepe: nope

Me: Why not? you don't like waiting for mail order stuff or something? 

Pepe: I rather just call you for the answers, it's easier 

Me: It'll be here in 3 days

Pepe: I don't like sitting there and reading

Me: .........

The End

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Eh, you know me. You gotta at least kiiiiinda know me by now if you come to pakajunk. I got my frickin' food radar on full blast 24/7. Like I got satellites shooting back reports.

Sometimes I get excited about random things for example - "I love giant size corn dogs!" or "the lengua tacos from this cart is tastier than the fucking rest of the cow it was attached to"

This place though, is not so random. Every month or so I put the word "Hawaiian" on yelp juuuuust in case. Even when I'm out just riding shotgun on the way to San Diego, I'll do a random search. 

Sometimes I hit the mini jackpot. This time I found Hula's in Long Beach.

I admit, I miss home. I love Hawaii and the food there. Oh, and my family and friends too. But for a few short moments just to be somewhere like I'm back home again, being welcomed into a hole in the wall plate lunch spot like this, it's a special thing for a kanaka. 

Check out this counter. Looks like a solid plate lunch spot on Any Island, Hawaii. 

I wanted to order one of each!

Check it out. This is the BBQ Mix Plate above. Beef & Chicken. Couple scoops rice and one scoop mac daddy. Solid plate. Just like I would have back home. I inhaled in seconds. 

This above photo is a week later when I went back! Starving for meat again, trying hardest to be health conscious (HA HA), I got the BBQ Chicken again with one scoop mac. Lucky for me, the owner Aunty Char hooked me up with a special kale salad (call ahead, she might be out). This plate is the fucking bomb. Ka-boom. And the sauce, braaaaaah. So good. 

I was told that this BBQ chicken recipe was passed down from her grandma. I appreciate her sharing it with all of us. 

EAT HERE. Go check this place out. 
Real locals from Waianae  - University of Hawaii Alumni!
Tell Char that pakajunk sent you, she might hook you up!

  • 4901 Long Beach Blvd
  • Long Beach, CA 90805
  • (310) 867-9796